GCG Requirements


Checklist of Requirements under section 43 of GCG MC No. 2012-07




On Institutional Matters



List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Not applicable to TPB at present

Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS) as mandated by the GCG in its Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01

2016 Government Corporate Information Sheet

Government Corporate Information Sheet

On the Board and Officers

Complete listing of the Directors and Officers with attached resume, and their membership in Board Committees

Board of Directors

Appointment of Board of Directors

Appointment Of Atty. Guiller B. Asido

Appointment Of Dir. Pamela D. Pascual

Appointment Of Usec. Nora K. Terrado

Complete compensation package of all the board members and officers, including travel, representation, transportation and any other form of expenses or allowances

BOD Package 2016

BOD Package 2015

BOD Package 2014

BOD Package 2013

Compensation Package

Information on Board Committees and their activities

BOD Information

Attendance record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings

BOD Attendance 2015

BOD Attendance 2014

BOD Attendance 2013

Financial and Operational Matters

Latest annual Audited Financial and Performance Report within thirty (30) days from receipt of such Report

1st-2nd Quarter Trial Balance 2017

Audited Financial Report FY 2016

1st-4th Quarter Trial Balance 2016

Management letter on Audit on TPB Unaudited Financial Report FY 2015

Unaudited Financial Report FY 2015

Audited Financial Report FY 2014

Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past three (3) years

Audited Financial Statement – past 3 years

Quarterly, and Annual Reports and Trial Balance

submitted to COA

1st-2nd Quarter Trial Balance 2017

Audited Financial Report FY 2016

1st-4th Quarter Trial Balance 2016

Unaudited Financial Report FY 2015

Audited Financial Report FY 2014

Audited Financial Report FY 2013
Audited Financial Report FY 2012 

Current Corporate Operating Budget

Current Corporate Operating Budget

COA Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM) & Time Bound Action Plan in Addressing AOM

2017 Time Bound Action Plan for FY 2017 Issued COA Observations

2016 Time Bound Action Plan

2015 Time Bound Action Plan

2014 AOM

2015 & 2014 Time Bound Action Plan

2013 AOM And Action Plan

Local and Foreign Borrowings

Not applicable to TPB

Government subsidies and net lending

  •       An appropriation from the National Government of not less than P500Million  annually for at least 5 years
  •       70 % of 50% net income of the Duty Free Philippines accruing to the Department of Tourism
  •       At least 25% of the 50% National Government share remitted by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) to the National Treasury
  •       At least 25% of the National Government share remitted by the international airports and seaports to the National Treasury

· Special Conditions:

– In NO CASE shall promotions and marketing activities receive less than 50% of the annual utilization of the Fund.

– Not more than 10% of the Fund shall be used for all the other administrative and operating expenses


Special Contingency Fund – 10% of the allocation for promotions and marketing budget. This shall be used in the event of emergencies to provide the TPB with sufficient resources to undertake marketing and promotions activities that will encourage sustained tourism interest in the Philippines and that will address the adverse effects of these emergencies

All borrowings guaranteed by the government

Not applicable to TPB

Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks

Material Risk Factors And Measures

Performance Evaluation System

System of Rating and Ranking of Employees




On Governance Matters

Charter Statement / Mission – Vision Statements

Charter Statement

Mission / Vision Statements

Performance Scorecards and Strategy Map (Performance Agreement Report)

2016 Performance Agreement

2015 Performance Agreement Report

2014 Performance Agreement Report

2013 Performance Agreement Report

Organizational Chart

TPB Organizational Structure

Manual of Corporate Governance

Code Of Corporate Governance

CSR Statement

TPB CSR Statement

Iloilo CSR Terminal Report

Iloilo CSR Photo Documentation

Las Pinas Laguna CSR Terminal Report

Las Pinas Laguna CSR Photo Documentation

Banaue CSR Terminal Report

Banaue CSR Photo Documentation

Palawan CSR Terminal Report

Palawan CSR Photo Documentation

Leyte CSR Terminal Report

Leyte CSR Photo Documentation

Occidental Mindoro CSR Terminal Report

Occidental Mindoro CSR Photo Documentation

Camiguin CSR Terminal Report

Camiguin CSR Photo Documentation

Balance Scorecard (as of 01 December 2017)

2017 Balance Scorecard

2016 Balance Scorecard Initial Result

2015 Balance Scorecard Final Result

2014 Balance Scorecard Final Result

2013 Balance Scorecard Final Result

Government Quality Management System Standards (GQMSS) certification or submission of concrete and time bound action plan to implement the same pursuant to Executive Order (EO) No. 605, s. 2007

TPB ISO Certificate

TPB 2nd Surveillance Continued Certification

TPB reconfirmation ISO Certification

Trainings/Worskhops Conducted

TPB Corporate Quality Policy

TPB Quality Manual

Certification of Compliance of Statutory Liabilities

Certification 2017

GSIS Certificate

Pag-Ibig Certificate

Philhealth Certificate

BIR Certificate



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