Directory of Associations Based in the Philippines

(Classifications of Associations) 


includes agribusiness, animal breeders, farming, fisheries, forestry, fruit and vegetable growers, livestock and poultry producers, soil science, nurseries, research, soil science
(includes antiquities, art, artists, authors, books, comic art, composers, crafts, dance, ethics, folklore, history, human development, librarians and libraries, medieval studies, motion pictures, museums, music, philosophy, photography, preservation, poetry, theatre, world notables)
(includes tax and insurance)
(includes architecture and landscaping)
(includes animal protection, pollution, resources and vegetation, conservation)
(includes accreditation, administration, admissions, adult education, alternative education, cooperative education, counseling, curriculum, extension education, financial aid, foreign students, gifted children, graduate schools, humanities, integration, international exchange, linguistics, literature, research, retired teachers, scholarship, special education, technical schools, testing, urban schools)
(includes allergies, blindness, blood disorders, cancer, child health, deafness, dentistry, dermatology, donor programs, health insurance, hospitals, hypnosis, mental health, nursing, obstetrics, occupational medicine, ophthalmology, osteopathy, pathology, pharmacy, psychiatry, public health, radiology, rehabilitation, surgery, technology, therapy, veterinary science)
(Includes CB and shortwave radio operators, collectors and restorers, craftsmen, gardeners, gourmets, numismatists, pet breeders, philatelists, treasure hunters)
(includes administration, civil defense, employment security, government, housing, legal and legislation, planning, property rights)
(includes administration, marketing, personnel, industrial relations and labor)
(includes chemical, metallurgy, petrochemical, printing and publishing)
(includes law, accountancy, professions requiring accreditation not listed in other categories)
(includes captive nations, citizenship, civil rights, community development, consumer affairs, economics, free enterprise, human rights, international relations, nuclear, peace movements, political parties, refugees, special days, United Nations, world affairs)
Safety & Security (includes military and defense)
(includes military and defense)
(includes aerospace, architecture, astronomy, behavioral science, biology, botany, chemistry, demography, genetics, geology, meteorology, nuclear physics, oceanography, paleontology, parapsychology, phenomena, standards, water resources, statistics, mathematics)
(includes anthropology, politics, psychology, sociology, social welfare, history and geography; fraternal, nationality and ethnic organizations)
(includes spa and wellness, adventure clubs)
Transport and Communication (includes broadcasting, telecommunications ; air, land and sea transport)
(includes foreign interest and genealogical organizations)